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Feedback for beginning 1 adult class *

The beginning Korean 1 class taught at the Oakland Korean School provided me the foundation for learning the Korean Hangul system. As with learning any new foreign language, it is important to understand the basic building blocks (vowels, consonants) before mastering more advanced concepts such as grammar and sentence structure. I have only but positive things to say about this class.

The book we used (Korean Made Easy for Beginners) and the supplemental material that the teacher provided was very helpful. During the semester, I have learned a few hundred new vocabulary words and common Korean phrases/expressions. Teacher Soran Min was patient, resourceful, and always available to help me with my questions. Her teaching style was excellent and contributed to the success of the class. We practiced speaking Korean in many group activities/exercises, quizzes, homework assignments which included Kakao recordings and a final project where the students did a 2-minute presentation over all material we learned in the semester.

This class lasted 15 weeks and is 2.5 hours every Saturday. If you are willing to put in some time to learn and study Korean, I highly recommend this class with Teacher Soran Min. I am pleasantly surprised with how much Korean I have learned in the past months and I plan to continue next semester with Korean 2.

Tammy Chan

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